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SAVORY, Dorothy Joyce (1891-1934) - Daughter

Savory’s younger daughter, Dorothy, gets a brief mention in Chapter XXII of her father’s book, Grain and Chaff from an English Manor:

My younger daughter had a tame duck, Susie by name, who gravely waddled behind her round the garden. In summer at tea-time Susie would much enjoy the company under the wych-elm on the lawn, and took her "dish of tea" out of the saucer in the antique and orthodox manner. 

Dorothy Joyce Savory was born at Aldington Manor in 1891, the younger of two children of Arthur Herbert Savory, tenant farmer, and his second wife, Georgina Ford (née Poulton).  She was baptized at St James’ Church, Badsey, on 15th November 1874.

When Dorothy was aged ten, she left Aldington with her parents to live in her father’s native Hampshire.  Dorothy never married.  She died in the Salisbury area in 1934.