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14 Old Post Office Lane

Present-day address: 14 Old Post Office Lane, Badsey

A detached house built on the south side of Old Post Office Lane in the 1850s. In 1812, at the time of the Badsey Enclosure Act, this plot of land was an old enclosure, described as a garden, which belonged to Elizabeth Mason, who also owned one of the cottages a short distance away (the current-day cottage at Orchard Way, 7 High Street). At some stage in the 1850s, John Phipps, a shoemaker of Bretforton, acquired the garden land and all the Orchard Way cottages. He had a house built on the strip of land which ran to the east of the cottages.

Photographer: Graham Corbett, May 2008

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14 Old Post Office Lane
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14 Old Post Office Lane
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