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Photographic Survey of Badsey & Aldington 2008

Forty years after a major photographic survey was made of the village in May 1968, a second survey was undertaken in May 2008.  Following an appeal for volunteers, a team of photographers took photos of every building in the parish.  Aldington had not been included in the 1968 survey, but this was rectified for 2008.  There were around 600 houses in Badsey in 1968 but, 40 years on, the number of houses had almost doubled and some no longer existed.

Above: The Badsey photographers – Standing: Ivor Martin, Steve Bucknall, John Bennington, Peter Stewart, Lizzie Noyes, Jeff Nice, Graham Corbett, Paul Green, Jim Glover, David Jack, Mark Morrey, Michael Peet, John Bolton, John Dallimore. Kneeling: Virginia Pawlyn, Doreen Jack, Roger Martin.

Below left: Badsey photographers, Wendy & Mike Gwynn. Below middle and right: Aldington photographers, Jane & Robin Neill, Gill Stewart, Judy Foster, Mike Lovatt.


In November 2008, a large group of people attended an event at Badsey First School at which eight of the photographers gave a slide presentation of the photo survey.

The eight speakers: Robin Neill, David Jack, Geoff Nice, Mike Gwynn (standing); Mike Lovatt, Virginia Pawlyn, Lizzie Noyes, Paul Green (seated.

After the photos were taken, Peter Stewart extracted the images; these may be viewed below in road order.