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Cyril and Mela’s wedding

Cyril Sladden returned to England on 23rd March 1919.  After nearly four years apart, he was at last able to marry Mela Brown Constable.  They were married on 3rd May at All Saints’ Church, Marlow-on-Thames.  A reception was held afterwards at Riverwoods House, Marlow, where Mela’s mother and sister were living at the time.

Back row (standing):  Irene Wall; Barbara Brown Constable; George Sladden; Mela Brown Constable; Cyril Sladden; Juliet Sladden; Frances Moisey.

Front row (seated):  Jessie Wall; Julius Sladden; Clara Brown Constable; Benson Wall.

Another photo shows three of the bridesmaids:  Frances Moisey, Barbara Brown Constable, Juliet Sladden.

A further photo shows Cyril and Mela with the best man (George Sladden) and four bridesmaids:  Irene Wall and Juliet Sladden (back), Barbara Brown Constable and Frances Moisey (front).

We are grateful to Rosemary Richards (granddaughter of Cyril and Mela) for providing us with a copy of the first photo; other photos are at the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service.

© The Sladden family descendants and by kind permission of the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service (reference 705:1037/9520/22/ii/31-33