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Badsey Scout Group 1948

This photo of 5th Evesham 1st Badsey Scout Group was taken at the rear of the Scout Headquarters (now The Pub in a Club) on waste ground.  The derelict building was later converted to a house by Alan Marshall (Marshall’s Transport).

  • Front row (seated on ground):  David Rouse, Brian Tomkins, Ronald Salter (Bead), Patrick Hatcher, Brian Herman, Gary Young (Wacker), Malcolm Stewart, Tony (Gilbert Thomas) Bennett, Terry Brotherton, John Jelfs, Arthur Sears.
  • Second row (standing left):  Robert Hall (Buster).
  • Second row (seated on chairs):  Unknown, Leslie Stewart, Tony Rose, Roger Martin (Dogwash), Graham Corbett, Eric Salter, Robin Sandford, Geoffrey Meadows, John Padfield, Morris Stewart, John Hatcher, Michael Vernon.
  • Second row (standing right):  Clinton Evans (Shinty).
  • Third row (standing):  Skipper Blake (half off picture), Trevor Padfield, Morris Welch, Charles Perkins, Neil Harris, Charles Chamberlain, Lawrence Mitchell, Dennis Knight (Nappy), John Bennett (Airy), Oliver Willet, Kenneth Mitchell, Cecil Andrews, Geoffrey Jones.
  • Back row:  David Edwards, Tony Vale, John Haines, Morris Salter, John Andrews.

We are grateful to Becky Stanley for allowing us to reproduce this photo.