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1916 wedding – Walter Stewart & Frances Field

On 13th September 1916, Walter Stewart (1889-1953) married Frances Ellen Field (1891-1981) in the Quaker Meeting House on Chapel Street, Badsey.  Six months earlier he had appeared before a Military Tribunal and was granted total exemption as a conscientious objector.  Walter was born at Aldington, the son of William Henry Stewart and his wife, Charlotte (née Hartwell).  Frances was born at Aldington, the daughter of James Field and his wife, Elizabeth (née Cook).

This document was the standard certificate used in Society of Friends’ weddings; all the wedding guests signed at the end as witnesses.

Walter Stewart of Aldington near Evesham in the county Worcester, son of William Henry Stewart of Aldington in the county of Worcester, and of Charlotte his wife, and Frances Ellen Field, daughter of James Field of Aldington, near Evesham in the county of Worcester, and of Elizabeth his wife, the latter deceased.  Having duly made known their intention of taking each other in marriage and public notice of their said intention having been given, the proceedings of the said Walter Stewart and Frances Ellen Field were allowed by the proper officers of Worcestershire and Shropshire Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.  Now these are to certify that for the solemnization of their said marriage this 13th day of the 9th month in the year 1916, they the said Walter Stewart and Frances Ellen Field appeared at a public meeting for worship of the aforesaid Society in their Meeting House at Badsey, and the said Walter Stewart taking the said Frances Ellen Field by the hand declared as followeth:  Friends, In the fear of the Lord, and in the presence of this assembly, I take this my friend, Walter Stewart, to be my husband, promising through Divine assistance to be unto him a loving and faithful wife, until it shall please the Lord by death to separate us.  And the said Walter Stewart and Frances Ellen Field as a further confirmation thereof and in testimony thereunto did then and there to these presents set their hands.

Walter Stewart, Frances Ellen Field

We having been present at the above said Marriage have also subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto the day and year above written.

Emily Payne                        M Caroline Pillett              Maria B Thorne                 James Field

Evelyn Stewart                  Charles E [?]                       Arthur E Thorne                William Stewart

Elizabeth Cook                  F G W Perkins                     Edith M Thorne                  Elizabeth [?]

May Field                            C V Pillett                             Sarah Ann Geden              Elsie Stewart

William Bertram Field     F H Gillette                          Ella Geden                          Charlotte Stewart

Dick Ashby                          J E Knight                            Asher Davidson

Alice Ashby                         May Blake                           Eliza Hall

Edith Field                                                                         Fanny Keyte

Kathleen [?]                                                                       Beatrice Keyte

                                                                                              Elsie Collett

                                                                                              A Roberts

Walter and Frances remained in Badsey for the rest of their lives.  They had one son and eventually lived above the Friends’ Meeting House.

We are grateful to Peter Stewart for providing us with a copy of this certificate.