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1919 wedding – May Knight & Charles Seabright

This is thought to be the wedding of May Knight (1900-1932) who married Charles Alfred Seabright on 27th October 1919 at St James’ Church, Badsey.  It was found amongst family memorabilia belonging to Tom Ford who said that the only person he recognised was his grandmother, Edith Knight (later Ford). 

May was the eighth of nine children of Charles Knight (1861-1944) and his wife, Mary Ann, née Collett (1865-1939).  Piecing things together, this traditional family wedding group is thought to include the parents of the bride and groom and May Knight’s three brothers and four sisters (one sister had died in 1903).  

The couple seated either side of the bride and groom in the middle row are assumed to be Charles and Mary Ann Knight; the couple standing at the back on the left are assumed to be the groom’s parents, Thomas and Fanny Seabright (née Tandy).  The siblings would be:  Emma Cole (née Knight), Charlotte Haines (previously Capener, née Knight), Jane Andrews (née Knight), Edith Knight (later Ford), William Knight, Charles Knight and Richard Knight.

The photo may have been taken outside Summerfield Cottage, Badsey Fields Lane, as this was where the Knight family lived at the time of the 1911 Census.

We are grateful to Tom Ford, the great-nephew of May Knight, for providing us with a copy of this photo.