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1931 weddings – Elizabeth Robbins & Frederick Lambourne/Kate Robbins & Horace Feeney

The double wedding of Lizzie and Kate Robbins took place in the Church of St John the Baptist, Wickhamford, on 25th May 1931.  Elizabeth Robbins (1903-1984), known as Lizzie, aged 28, married 25-year-old Frederick George Lambourn (1906-1936), a motor brazier of Acock’s Green.  Kate Robbins (1909-1987), aged 21, married 23-year-old Horace Feeney (1908-1987), a chauffeur of Springfield, Birmingham.  Lizzie and Kate were the daughters of George and Mary Jane Robbins.  Elizabeth Robbins was born in Birmingham in 1903 and her younger sister Kate was born in Badsey in 1909.  Their father, George, was a market gardener.   

  • Front row from left:  Fred Lambourn and Lizzie Robbins, Kate Robbins and Horace Feeney.
  • Back row from left:  George and Mary Robbins; Mr & Mrs Lambourn; Mr & Mrs Feeney.

This picture was taken in the front garden of the Robbins’ house in Manor Road, with a foliage-covered ‘Whytebury’ in the background.  The property was later acquired by George Lees-Milne, renovated and renamed ‘Robin Cottage’ in the late 1930s.

The Lambourns and Feeneys moved to Birmingham shortly after the wedding.  Lizzie Lambourn, who had one daughter, was widowed in 1936.  Lizzie married again in 1938 to Albert Edward Arthurs.

We are grateful to June Lambourn, the daughter of Lizzie and Frederick, for allowing us to publish this photo.