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1958 wedding – Norman Cleaver & Daphne Lawley

Wedding of Norman Leslie Cleaver and Daphne P Lawley on 15th February 1958 in the Church of St Mary & St Milburgh, Offenham.

Norman (1932-2005) was the only surviving child of Fred Cleaver and his wife, Edith Mary (née Jelfs), who had married at St James’ Church, Badsey, in 1928.  Norman was born and brought up in Badsey.

  • Left to right:  Ron Andrews, Norman Cleaver (groom), Daphne Lawley (bride), Mary Knight, Gilbert Lawley, bridesmaids Susan Cole and Betty Cleaver.

Norman remained in Badsey for the rest of his life and Daphne still lives in the village (as at 2020).  They had two daughters, one of whom, Nicola, who also married at Badsey.

We are grateful to Daphne Cleaver for providing us with a copy of this photo.