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1937 wedding – Albert Harman & Dorothy Bennett

The wedding took place in St Mary and St Milburgh Church, Offenham, in 1937, between Albert Enos Harman (1907-1984), the third son of Benjamin and Kate Harman of Kings Road, Evesham, and Florence Dorothy Bennett, aka Dorothy (1910-1990), the daughter of the late Thomas Bennett (the bride’s father died 8 months before she was born) and Florence Cole of Offenham.

  • Pictured left to right:  Alfred Harman (groom’s brother), Albert Harman (groom), Dorothy Bennett (bride), Lily Harman (groom’s sister), Thomas Bennett (bride’s brother). 

Albert and Dorothy lived all their married life at No 1 Longdon Hill, Wickhamford. Albert was a market gardener and with his brother James (Jim) worked the land surrounding 1 Longdon Hill. They had two children, Doreen and Derek.

We are grateful to Valerie Harman (daughter-in-law of Albert and Dorothy) for allowing us to publish a copy of this photograph.