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1923 wedding – Frederick Birch & Eva Bell

Wedding of 23-year-old Eva May Bell (1899-1973) of Aldington and 31-year-old Frederick George Birch (1892-1973) of Hampton on 29th September 1923.  The bridal group are photographed outside Aldington Manor following their wedding at St James’ Church, Badsey.

Eva was born at Aldington, the eldest of five children of Henry William Bell and his wife, Martha Irene (née Harris).  Her father had died six months before the wedding.  Frederick, the second of five surviving children of Henry and Louisa Birch, was born at Hampton.

The happy couple are pictured centre.  To the bride’s left are her brother, Ralph Bell, who gave her away, and seated are her surviving sister, Maud, and her widowed mother.  To the groom’s right, it is assumed that they are his parents, his brother William, and one of his sisters.

Eva and Frederick had two children.  They went to live on Pershore Road, Hampton, close to Frederick’s parents.

We are grateful to Peggy Wheatley (née Bell), niece of Eva, for allowing us to use this photo.