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Test Pit 2

Day 1 – The photographers arrive to find the Test Pit 2 team hard at work!  Martin, John, Christine and Will assure us that they had only just stopped for tea!

Day 2 – Here’s the teapot and mugs, all ready for action.  The team, ably supervised by Will, were certainly hard at work this time.  Chrissie’s technique for getting down to the bottom of the pit seemed an excellent idea.  An archaeologist came to look at some of the finds they had dug up and to decide whether it was worth going down a further layer, but decided that was sufficient.  By the end of the day they had reached Spit 5.

Will Dallimore filmed the weekend's proceedings

Day 1 - The team take a well-deserved tea break
Day 1 - Progress made at Test Pit 2 towards the end of the day
Day 2 - The teapot and mugs have seen active service throughout the day
Day 2 - The team at work supervised by Will
Day 2 - Chrissie's technique for getting down to the bottom
Day 2 - John and Chrissie dig deep
Day 2 - Martin and John discuss their finds with an archaeologist
Day 2 - The archaeologist decides whether it's worth going deeper
Day 2 - The dig ends having reached Spit 5