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Parcellation of holdings in Badsey

This map, also by Ron Sidwell, showed the parcellation of the 1,000 acres of market garden land in Badsey.  He wrote:

Plots belonging to 11 different large and small growers are shown by varying forms of shading.  The total acreage in market gardens in the parish is about 1,000 acres.  This is split up into 320 plots held by some 200 growers.  The average size of holding is therefore about 5 acres; in actual fact, the holdings range in size from 0.7 acres to over 80 acres.  In addition many growers (including some whose plots are shown above) hold land elsewhere in the Valley in “scattered” holdings.  Approximately 15% of the holdings are owned by the occupier, while a further 10% are owned in part.