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12. Happy golden anniversary to Green Leys

A large number of case studies were carried out on houses in the parish. These were not confined to the older houses in the villages. Green Lays was completed in 1956 and was used as a case study that appeared in the January 2006 Newsletter.

"These residents of Green Leys have something to smile about. Not only is their road 50 years old, but they have all lived here for 50 years and have each celebrated at least 50 years of marriage. Many congratulations to Mike & Joyce Hewlett (No 2), Lionel & Rene Guise (No 5), Bernard & Joan Hewlett (No 8), Len & Pat Lord (No 20), Des & Iris Syril (No 22), Roy & Mary Page (No 28), Glan & Muriel Williams (No 37), pictured here outside No 22. John & Margaret Collett, Chris & Bet Hall and Helen Stanton have also lived at Green Leys for 50 years but are not pictured. Visiting granddaughter, Brittany Page, sports a Local Heritage Initiative T-shirt along with granddad Roy."

The historic survey looked at the land on which Green Leys was built. Details appear on the Green Leys webpage. A similar page has been made for every road in the parish.