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New Sports Club building

This was a gathering at the opening of the new Sports Club premises in the 1970s. Those in the picture are:
unknown, 2 Pat Sutton, 3 unknown, 4 Terry Hemming, 5 Lewis Sutton, 6 Paul Griffiths, 7 Richard Haines, 8 John Addis, 9 Michael Ford (?), 10 Raymond Mitchell, 11 David Smith, 12 Mark Ford, 13 Paul Hemming, 14 Julie Bearcroft, 15 Sue Appleby, 16 Josie Cory, 17 Bill Ford, 18 Brian Cory, 19 Stephen Woodcock, 20 Nigel Ford, 21 Stuart Gottfried.

The picture was kindly lent to us by Neil Jones.

New Sports Club building with numbers to identify people shown