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Church interior about 1908

This interior of Wickhamford church with the Sandys family tomb was discovered in the National Archives by Val Harman and Tom Locke. It was deposited on 15 July 1908 by the Reverend Allsebrook who was vicar of both Badsey and Wickhamford. There is a photography credit to Robert Arthur Reese, High Street, Evesham. The red cross on the picture marks Penelope Washington's memorial stone. It is possible the picture was published as a postcard.

At first glance, there may appear to be a large piece on masonry on the right of the picture where the altar should be. But on careful examination this is just a visual illusion and it is just the rear wall of the church with various stains and marks. It is possible that the altar was temporarily removed to take this picture to show the Washington stone more clearly.

There is a similar picture in the Victoria History of Worcestershire (published 1906).

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