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1937 Coronation celebration

A celebration in Wickhamford of the coronation of George VI in 1937. It shows a crowd watching a passing procession. The children appear to be escorting floats, the one on the right containing chickens! The gentleman in the front towards the left with a rosette in his buttonhole is Fred Southern and he is holding the hand of his son, David. The lady in the pale hat behind the chicken float is Mrs Elsie Walters.

The people in the picture are believed to be: (1) Mrs Jack Pitman?, (2) -, (3) Fred Southern, (4) David Southern, (5) Dorothy Cox, (6) Joan Camden, (7) Jimmy Halford?, (8) Walter Johnson (m. Glad Southern), (9) Stan Figgitt, (10) Ruth Thomas, (11) Cecil Brotherton, (12) John Pethard, (13) Vera Halford (Shilham), (14) George Robbins, (15) John Sutton, (16) Stan Taylor, (17) William Hooper, (18) Elsie Walters, (19) Alfred Ockwell, (20) -, (21) Sylvia Summers, (22) Chartles Heritage.

Alfred Ockwell (19), was the father of Bertram Ockwell of the Sandys Arms. He lived in Poulton, Gloucestershire, but was visiting his family that day.

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