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Scout Group, 1948

The Badsey Scout group was formed shortly after WW2. This photograph taken in 1948 was kindly lent to us by Robert Hall.

  • Front Row: David Rouse, Brian Tomkins, Ronald Salter ("Bead"), Patrick Hatcher, Brian Hurman, Gary Young ("Wacker"), Malcolm Stewart, Tony (Gilbert Thomas) Bennett, Terry Brotherton, John Jelfs, Arthur Sears.
  • 2nd Row: Robert Hall ("Buster"), Kenneth Haynes, Leslie Stewart, Tony Rose, Roger Martin ("Dogwash"), Graham Corbett, Eric Salter, Robin Sandford, Geoffrey Meadows, John Padfield, Maurice Stewart, John Hatcher, Lawrence Vernon, Clinton Evans ("Shinty"), Geoffrey Jones.
  • 3rd Row: Skipper Blake (half off picture), Trevor Padfield, Maurice Welch, Charles Perkins, Neil Harris, Charles Chamberlain, Lawrence Mitchell, Dennis Knight ("Nappy"), John Bennett ("Airy"), Oliver Willett, Kenneth Mitchell, Cecil Andrew.
  • 4th Row: David Edwards. David Autie, John Andrew.
  • Back Row: Tony Vale, John Haines, Maurice Salter.

The photo was taken at the rear of the scout hut which became the Royal British Legion Club and is now The Pub in a Club. The old building in the background was used to billet prisoners of war, but was derelict at the time the picture was taken. The land was later bought by Alan Marshall as a lorry park for Marshalls Transport. He later renovated the property and turned it into a large family home. This was then demolished and Manorside was built in its place.

In the same year that this photograph was taken The Evesham Standard of 14th August 1948 ran an article French Scouts at Badsey. A troop of scouts from Verdun visited Badsey and their Scoutmaster Jean Ducasse opened the Badsey Scout Fete held on the vicarage lawn. He invited the Badsey scouts to visit Verdun the following year.