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Thousandth Council House, 1948

The photograph shows 31 Horsebridge Avenue and a ceremony in 1948 to open the thousandth council house built by Evesham Rural District Council. The Churchley family, who moved in, are in the middle of the picture. Following her husband's death in 1995, Mrs Churchley continued to live there almost up to her death in 2011. C A Binyon, Chairman of the Council since 1924, is the elderly gentleman second from the left.

The estate consists of 74 houses (eight terraced houses, two detached houses and 64 semi-detached houses) built as an inner circle and outer circle. The inner circle was built first, in 1947, followed by the outer circle, taking about four years to complete. Mostly ex-servicemen moved into the new houses. Many of the council houses have large gardens so fruit and vegetables can be grown.