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Aldington - Farm railway bridge or 'Cuckoo Bridge'

Grid reference 064448. Farm road bridge under railway viaduct, stone and brick construction, carries footpath, built 1850s.

It is known locally as either 'Cuckoo High Bridge' or 'Cuckoo Eye Bridge' or just 'Cuckoo Bridge'. See Brian Smith's poem about the argument for which name is correct.

It is mentioned in Arthur Savory's book, Grain and Chaff from an English Manor:

"Aldington Band was the outcome of a desire for musical expression on the part of a few parishioners with some skill and experience in such matters; it included performers on wind instruments and a big drum. The Band was unfortunate at first in purchasing instruments of differing pitch, as was discovered by my wife on attending a practice at the request of the members. She pointed out the fault, and found an instructor from Evesham to give them a course of lessons, so that with a new set of instruments they soon improved. It was difficult, at first, to find a suitable place for practice. A neighbour, a little doubtful as to their attainments, suggested the railway arch in one of my meadows as a nice airy spot under cover, but later expressed doubts as to the safety of the trains running overhead on account of the violence of the commotion beneath. This, of course, was mere chaff, for they soon became so efficient that a large room was found for them in the village, and eventually they were annually engaged to perform the musical programme at the Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford Flower Show."

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