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Land Valuation Survey 1910-1915 Maps

 A series of eight maps covers Badsey, Aldington, Blackminster and Wickhamford, mainly located at The National Archives under series IR 129:

Map A – covers The Parks and Aldington north of Main Street. Worcestershire XL11 16. No copy of this map is known to be in existence.

Map B – covers Blackminster. Worcestershire XLIII 13. National Archives Reference: IR 129/3/924

Map C – covers Aldington south of Main Street, north Badsey and Bengeworth. Worcestershire XLIX 4. National Archives Reference: IR 129/3/972.

Map D – covers Badsey. Worcestershire L 1. No copy at The National Archives but The Badsey Society has a copy in its archives. (Note that this map has some hand amendments that date from after WW1.)

Map E – covers Wickhamford from Manor House west. Worcestershire XLIX 8. National Archives Reference: IR 129/3/976.

Map F – covers Bowers Hill and part of Wickhamford. Gloucestershire VII 5/Worcestershire L 5. National Archives Reference: IR 128/4/11.

Map G – covers driveway to Whitfurrows and far end of Pitchers Hill. Gloucestershire VII 9. National Archives Reference: IR 128/4/15.

Map H – covers area south of Field Farm, Wickhamford. Gloucestershire VI 12. No copy of this map is known to be in existence.