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Saturday 8 January 1916 – Aldington Baptist Schoolroom, Christmas tree and concert

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Very much enjoyed was the tea, Christmas tree and concert, given in the Baptist Schoolroom, Aldington, on Wednesday evening. After tea the gifts from the tree were presented to the children by Mr A Butler. No child was forgotten, thanks to the care taken by the Superintendant (Mr Hartwell) and Mrs Hartwell, both of whom spared no pains to make the evening a success. Nor were their efforts unrewarded, for a delighted time was spent both by the children and the adults present. At seven o’clock the concert began, many of the children taking an active part. There was a very good audience. The programme ran as follows: Pianoforte solo, Cathie Hanwood; recitation, Walter Thompkins; song, “Snow flakes,” three little girls; recitation, Harold Tolley; recitation, Marjory Thompkins; song, D Griffin; recitation Jack Hanwood; recitation, Maude Bell; song, Cathie Taylor; recitation, Frank Hanwood; recitation, Gladis Barnard; song, “Red, white and blue”; recitation, Nora Harris; recitation, Leslie Bearcroft; song, Walter Thompkins; recitation, Pearl Hatch; recitation, Edward Bell; song Leslie Taylor; recitation, Harry Byrd; recitation, Jack Hanwood; song, Milley Taylor; recitation, Edith Enstone; recitation, Walter Thompkins; song, “Playtime”; recitation, Cyril Bearcroft; song “Spring-cleaning day”; recitation, Lilley Keen; song, Cyril and Leslie Bearcroft; recitation, Pearl Hatch; song, Marjory Thompkins; recitation, Ada Byrd; song, D Griffin; recitation, Nora Stanley; recitation, Leslie Bearcroft; song, Joyce Hanwood; pianoforte solo, Phyllis Buttler; recitation, Jack Southam.