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Saturday 21 July 1917 – Badsey Recreation Ground on hold

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


At a committee meeting last Tuesday, a financial statement was presented and approved. It appears that about £520 has been paid into the fund, and after completing the purchase of the land and clearing off other expenses there remains a balance in the bank of £50, which will be available towards the expense of fencing and laying out the ground; there will also be rents due at Michaelmas and a few outstanding subscriptions to add to this balance. General approval was expressed at the satisfactory position of affairs. The present tenants are relinquishing their holdings this autumn, and under ordinary circumstances the committee would have commenced making the Recreation Ground. In view however of the prolongation of the war they have decided to plant the land with wheat or some other corn crop for next year’s harvest, a course which seems both patriotic and prudent. A strong hope was expressed that twelve months hence, under more peaceful conditions, this long delayed work may be taken in hand and carried to a successful completion.