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Monday 16 July 1917 – New Cadbury factory near Littleton and Badsey Station

Category World War I: The Home Front
Coventry Evening Telegraph
Transcription of article

Fruit trade developments are spoken of in the Vale of Evesham.  Messrs Cadbury Bros Ltd of Bournville have started building a factory near Littleton and Badsey stations, two or three miles from Evesham, and it is understood that many work people will be engaged in the drying of fruit and vegetables, an industry that has developed greatly at Evesham during the war.  Additions to the facilities for fruit pulping in the district during the last year or two have been made.  There are now five pulping stations in the Pershore district, and the Pershore Fruit Growers’ Association have lately purchased the Pomona Works and Central Fruit and Vegetable Market for the purpose of pulping, drying and canning fruit and vegetables.  It is understood the Government are prepared to give financial aid to the scheme.