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Saturday 23 October 1915 – Badsey “Our Day” concert

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


A very successful concert, arranged in connection with “Our Day” and in aid of the Red Cross Society, took place in the New Schools, Badsey, on Wednesday evening. There was a very good attendance and Mr. J. Sladden presided.

A very attractive programme was presented, the items of which were as follows:- Pianoforte duet, “Winter morn,” Misses I. Dore and F. Jones; song, Miss Openshaw; recitation, Mrs. Rudge; songs and recitations, “The miller and his sons,” “The seed,” “Three little pigs,” “The farmyard,” by the school children class 4; songs and recitations, “Early one morning,” “The brook,” “Joan Clover,” “A farewell,” “Rule Britannia,” Class 3; song, Miss Openshaw; songs recitations and round, “Hark now the lark,” “Dance to your daddy,” “The girl I left behind me,” “The barefoot boy,” “The sandpiper,” “John Highlandmen,” “ Come follow,” Class 2; pianoforte duet, “Merry sleighbells,” Misses Macdonald and I. Dore; song “England” Miss Saunders; violin solo, “Songs of the sea,” Mr. E. Warner; song, “Here we are, here we are, here we are again,” Mr. Bert Ward; pianoforte solo, “Arabesque,” Miss G. Wingfield; songs, “Where the bee sucks,” “O wert thou in the cauld blast,” “I know a bank,” “ O who were o’er the downs,” “Now pray we,” “ ‘Tis the last rose of summer,” “ O boundless sea. ” Class 1; song, “Rose in the bud,” Miss Roberts; recitation, Mr. W. H. Churchill; song, “Dear old England,” Mr. Herbert; song, “The valley of laughter,” Mrs. Saunders; violin solo, “Onward,” Mr. E. Warner; song, “Damon,” Miss Roberts; song, “My idea of a girl,” Mr. Bert. Ward; the National Anthem.

Great credit is due to Misses John, Macdonald, Sladden and Mrs. Moss who helped to arrange the concert, for the very able way in which everything was carried out, and also to the performers for their very successful renderings. At the close of a very pleasant evening Mr. Sladden proposed a vote of thanks to the ladies who got up the concert, and to Mr. Bert. Ward and other performers.