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Saturday 16 October 1915 – Help from Littleton & Badsey Growers

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Mr Fred Bubb, the secretary of the Littleton & Badsey Growers Ltd, has received the following letter from Mr Impey:

“I am so delighted to hear of the meeting of the committee of the Littleton & Badsey Growers, and that it is generously intended to send on from 5-10 cwt of fruit and vegetables.  This is too cold a district for fruit, and vegetables do none too well, so we are thankful for friends at a distance who will come to the help of  the poor wounded men who have been giving their lives on our behalf. They are so thankful for the refreshment of fruit and vegetables. The War Office do not supply more than potatoes and one cheap vegetable, cabbage mostly, so anything else, and tomatoes and fruit of any kind, is thankfully acceptable. I am so glad to hear it  is intended to send more than one lot, as the men are constantly coming and going,  and all enjoy what is so kindly given to them.  Please address: Depot for War  Hospitals, Rubery Station, Midland Railway. Carriage forward. I will see carriage is paid and empties returned. With hearty thanks, your truly, Frederic Impey.”

If market gardeners and others in the neighbourhood who wish to assist in the most commendable object will send their contributions of fruit and vegetables to the depot of the Littleton & Badsey Growers Ltd, at Littleton & Badsey Station, the Society will see that they are properly forwarded. Thursday is  the most convenient day of the week for consignments to be received at the Society’s depot.