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Saturday 14 April 1917 – Concert at Aldington for “the boys”

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article



A most successful and enjoyable concert was held on Wednesday week, proceeds towards a fund to send parcels of comforts to the boys gone from the village. The room was crowded, the amount taken being £8 4s. Many thanks are due the ladies and gentlemen who came out from Evesham to help make the concert so successful. The expenses only amounting to 6s 6d, it is hoped soon to despatch a substantial parcel to each one.

The following is the programme: - Pianoforte duet, “Qui Vive,” Mesdames Ross and Byrd; song, “Glorious Devon,” Mr. Tolley; song, “A perfect day,” Miss Henderson; song, Mr. Bert Ward; violin solo, “Melody in F,” Mr. Warner; song and chorus, “The dream man,” Miss K. Liley; song “The mountains of Mourne,” Mr. N. Bacon; song “When you come home,” Mrs. Tipper; recitation (encored), Miss Henderson; song, “The long long trail,” Mr. Tolley; song (encored), Mr. Bert Ward; pianoforte duet, “The witches flight,” Misses I. And T. Sears; song “My old shake” (encored). Mr. Gerald Tolley; song, “Take me back to blighty” (encored), Miss Henderson; song (encored), Mr. Bert. Ward; violin solo, “Sons of the sea,” Mr. Warner; song, 2The magic of your voice” (encored), Mrs. Tipper; duet, “You shan’t play in our yard,” Misses K. Liley and G. Byrd; song, “Nobody “ (encored), Mr. Norman Bacon; recitation, Miss Henderson; song, (encored), Mr. Bert Ward; song, “Somewhere a voice is calling” Mr. Gerald Tolley.