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Saturday 21 April 1917 – Growing medicinal herbs

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


The cultivation of medicinal herbs is making considerable progress in the Badsey district, as is evident from the report of the Littleton & Badsey Growers Ltd, which is to be presented to an annual meeting of the Society next Tuesday:

“We have pleasure in placing before you a very satisfactory balance sheet. There is a substantial profit on the year’s working, which has enabled us to place a considerable sum towards the cost of erecting a herb-drying shed. The sale of requisites has considerably increased, the increase on the sale of manures being especially satisfactory. We regret to report a slight loss on the sale of feeding stuffs, as well as a loss on salesman’s empties, which losses we hope will be avoided in future. The most striking feature of the season is the remarkable growth of the medicinal herb growing venture, the value of belladonna crop alone being over £1,300.  Encouraged by this growth and the hopeful prospects, the committee have decided to erect an up-to-date drying shed, the present method of drying being both costly and wasteful. The necessary funds are being raised by loan stock. An admirable site has been purchased, and as the result of exhaustive enquiries and investigations, the committee have purchased the most modern plant available for drying, which it is confidently expected will be in working order in good time to deal with the herbs when they are ready. The committee feel that in this connection the society is deeply indebted to Mr C A Binyon for the generous way in which he has placed his enthusiasm, energy, and experience at the service of the Society, securing as a result a drying shed and apparatus which should enable the Society to deal with all the herbs that members may grow.