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Saturday 10 March 1917 - Chaotic arrangements for German prisoners

Category World War I: Prisoners of War in Evesham
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


The Secretary said a week ago the question of obtaining German prisoners was in a chaotic condition. Lieutenant Dixon and Mr Hooper went to Evesham, and they found that no Commandant had been appointed. Certain directions as to the necessary repairs had been sent to the “Commandant of German prisoners, Drill Hall, Evesham,” and the letter lay in the Drill Hall for some time, but eventually it was found. Mr Wright then went to Warwick, but he did not get much satisfaction. Then Major Reddie and he (the Secretary) got into communication with the Southern Command, and a Commandant was appointed, and he now telephoned that the German prisoners were coming. That was subject to railway accommodation and to small repairs to heating apparatus being done. Early that morning, the Secretary explained, the whole arrangements were cancelled, but he had since had a telephone message stating that the prisoners would come. He did not know whether there would be any breakdown.

The Chairman suggested that Mr Hooper should prepare a statement of the whole negotiations, and that it should be put before the Board of Agriculture.

Lieutenant Dixon said he had inspected the other places suggested as being suitable for the reception of the second batch of prisoners and he reported on them. He said they would require very little alterations to put them in order.

The Chairman expressed thanks to Lieutenant Dixon for his work in the matter.