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Saturday 10 March 1917 - German prisoners arrive at last in Evesham

Category World War I: Prisoners of War in Evesham
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


The German prisoners of war have really come to Evesham at last. On Tuesday a guard of about thirty men arrived; they are billeted in Bengeworth, near the new Drill Hall, which had been got ready for the prisoners. The Germans themselves to the number of eighty, came on Wednesday. Quite a lot  of people visited the railway stations at intervals during the afternoon to witness their arrival, but it was not until the 6.10 train from Ashchurch steamed into the station that their patience was rewarded. The prisoners had come from the camp at Dorchester, in charge of an armed guard of ten, under an officer. A portion of the guard that arrived at Evesham the previous day received the prisoners at Evesham Station and escorted them to the Drill Hall. There were crowds of people in the street, and we are glad to say that there was not the slightest demonstration of hostility.


The prisoners seemed to be pefectly contented at the prospect of working in the Evesham district. Most of them are comparitively young, and it is stated that physically they are stronger than their appearence would suggest. The majority of them had parcels or portmanteaux, and it was noted that one of them was carrying a violin case. The Commandant at the Drill Hall is Captain Sprott, and he has been ably assisted by Lieutenant G Allson, an officer who was wounded on the Somme. The staff consists of a quartermaster-sergeant and a clerk. Among the prisoners are five German NCOs. Forty of the prisoners were put to work on Thursday, and at the meeting of the committee the same evening it was stated that they shaped remarkably well, and that those who employed them were quite satisfied. Applications for seventy prisoners were made for the following day.