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Saturday 18 March 1916 - Conscientious Objectors

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Quite a considerable number of conscientious objectors have come before local tribunals, more so probably than some people anticipated. It is rather difficult to know what the tribunals ought to do with them in some instances. The bona-fide conscientious objector, such as for example as a genuine member of the Society of Friends, we can all respect, even if we cannot agree with him; but it is evident that some of the people who are now claiming exemption have only developed their consciences within the last few weeks. It is said that there is no difficulty, even in Evesham, in these newly-awakened consciences getting “coached” as to what they ought to say when they appear before the tribunals. We hope the tribunals will refuse exemption in such cases.