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Saturday 25 March 1916 - Letter about Conscientious Objectors

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


To the Editor of the “Journal & Advertiser”


After reading the account of the Tribunal at Evesham of the “Four Coscientous Objectors” I think it is quite time that such men should be made to show their true colours. I happen to know of far better Christian men that are out in the trenches with their rifles, and also preaching the Gospel to their comrades when they have a chance of a small service or prayer meeting. I myself have heard some good sermons by privates, sergeants, and officers. On one occasion we had been fighting the Germans for 21 days before we could be relieved, and after we had been billeted for about four hours in an old nunnery which had had a taste of German shells, a chum came to me and others of my platoon and said Sergeant Johnson was holding a service in the next room. I went with the others, and I may say a sight that I shall never see again met my eyes. It was a long room, and privates, NCOs, and  officers were taking part in this grand meeting or sitting on the floor with folded legs listening intently and devouring every word spoken. A real grand time we had that Saturday evening by real Christian men, who were not only fighting the  Germans but were fighting for their Lord Jesus Christ in trying to get others to look to Him in time of trouble. There’s work for all to do. And young men of military age ought to be ashamed of themselves, “hiding under the cloak of religion,” when there are thousands who would like to hear such services as I mentioned above out there doing their bit for their country.