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Saturday 8 April 1916 - Letter concerning women and the land

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


To the Editor of the “Journal & Advertiser”


There has been some talk recently of employing imported women labour in the district, and  I believe some  market gardeners have already promised and taken their help. Some growers are crying out of the shortage of labour, which I admit to a certain degree; but first I should like to know – Have these employers failed to get local women workers for the time present? I know when the time comes in the fruit season more women are required, which there has been no difficulty to get. Then why are certain market gardeners so anxious to secure these lady gardeners? I personally believe it is to try and keep men’s wages down. That is a secret desire on some  growers’ part. The cost of living has gone up by leaps and bounds, and the wages have not risen accordingly. I venture to say that if employers will treat their men and local women more fairly the men will appreciate their employers and do their level best to make up. Personally, I think these lady gardeners will be an expensive luxury. This movement sprang from what some ladies saw in France, but we must remember France is not England.

Yours in anticipation