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Saturday 1 April 1916 – Mrs Hutching writes in support of her son, George

Category World War I: Labour issues/Military Tribunals
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Mrs. Hutchings of Badsey writes us in reference to the application of her son for exemption heard by the Evesham Rural District Tribunal and reported in our last issue, She says that twenty years ago she was left a widow with five little children to provide for, the eldest not quite seven years of age. George Henry, last week’s applicant was the eldest and  he had to start work very early  to help to support the home. She proceeds:

“Whatever the world says of him, he is not a coward or a slacker, as he has done his best for  me and willingly given most of his money to me to keep the home going, so I consider he has and is doing his duty. It was a mis-statement in the papers last week saying” he was not willing to do anything for his country,” as his answer was “he considered he was doing his duty supporting me.” His father served his country for fourteen years in the Metropolitan Police Force. He was a member of the C.P.A., and held strong religious views, and  I share the same, and we  both tried to instil the same into our children, so I can testify that his conscientious principle is a sincere one of which he is not ashamed.”

Our reporter has referred to his  notes, and finds that our report of what took place at last week’s tribunal is quite correct.