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Saturday 20 March 1915 – Engineers leave Evesham, football match against Badsey cancelled

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Yesterday (Friday) the members of the Northern Wireless Section, Royal Engineers; who for five weeks have been billeted at Evesham, left the town for a destination which has not been divulged but which can be guessed. During their stay at Evesham the men have behaved in an exemplary manner and have made many friends, by whom their future career will be watched with interest. The men themselves are very keen on getting across the water as soon as possible, and it is highly probable that their ambition will be realised.

A football match between the Engineers and Badsey had been arranged to be played in the United ground this (Saturday) afternoon, the proceeds to go in aid of the Cottage Hospital and the Red Cross Society, of course this has been cancelled. Those who have purchased tickets and would like their money back can have it refunded on application to Mr F.C. Evans at The Woolpack Inn not later than Tuesday next. We anticipate, however, that there will not be many applications for a return of the threepences.