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Thursday 19 March 1835 - Jane Wright accused of stealing from Vicarage

Category Badsey and Aldington
Worcester Journal
Transcription of article


WRIGHT, Jane, aged 16, was found guilty upon the charge of stealing a pair of silk stockings, two pair of cotton stockings, and some baby linen, the property of the Rev Charles Bloxham of Badsey.  It appeared the prisoner was nursemaid in the family of the prosecutor; Mrs Bloxham having missed several articles, suspicion fell upon the prisoner, and on Sunday last her box was searched, and the property set forth in the indictment found therein.  The Learned Judge very strongly urged the Reverend prosecutor to take back the girl into his service.  His Lordship said it was impossible to tell the good that might be effected by kind treatment and good advice; the exercise f these had effected wonders even within the range of his experience, and they might do so with regard to this poor girl, if he would again take her into his house; he might, as a clergyman, be the means of “saving her soul alive”, and prevent her from experiencing unnumbered evils.  Mr Bloxham very kindly consented to the suggestion of his Lordship.  The prisoner was then sentenced to one day’s imprisonment, and as the term of imprisonment is dated from the opening of the Commission, she was, after a suitable admonition from his Lordship, ordered to be discharged immediately.