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Saturday 14 August 1920 - Council House rents to be raised

Category Badsey and Aldington
Cheltenham Chronicle
Transcription of article


At a meeting of the Evesham Rural District Council, Mr C A Binyon reported that progress was being made with various housing schemes in the district.  At Badsey ten of the cottages were now occupied.  The number of cottages they were building in the district would be insufficient, and they would have to go round again and see what could be done.  At Badsey they had 67 applications for 24 houses.  Regarding the rents of their existing cottages, it was necessary in the cause of justice to increase the rent to the maximum allowed under the Rents Restriction Act.  In the 3s 6d houses the rent would go to about 4s, the 4s houses to 4s 6d, the 5s houses to 5s 8d and the 6s 9d houses to 8s 2d.  It was obviously wrong that the ratepayers should subsidise those cottages, and without the increase they would have to take something out of the rate to keep them going.