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Thursday 11 September 1845 – Sophy Harris wins prize

Category Badsey and Aldington
Worcester Journal
Transcription of article


The annual meeting of this Society, exhibitions of stock, etc, took place today (Wednesday) at Evesham.  The ploughing match was postpone to the 8th of October, in consequence of the lateness of the harvest.  The following is a list of the prizes awarded today, and the proceedings at the dinner we shall report in a second edition early tomorrow morning ……..


Given by Richard Gibbs Esq to labourers or labourers’ widows who have brought up the largest family without receiving parochial relief, except in case of illness.  First prize of £3 to William Marshall, recommended by Mr Gough; brought up 11 children.  Second prize of £2, third prize of £1:  divided between Ann Jordan, Hampton, brought up nine children, two dead, recommended by Mr Workman; and W Brookes of Bredon, 11 children and is bringing up nine, recommended by Mr W Woodward.

To labourers who have placed out the greatest number of their family in respectable service.  First prize of £3 to John Davis, Little Comberton, placed out four children, recommended by Mr F Woodward.  Second prize of £2, third prize of £1, no other candidate.

To labourers who have worked as daily, yearly or weekly servants, the greatest number of years for the same master or mistress, or on the same farm with successive masters or mistresses, and who shall receive a good character for honesty and sobriety.  First prize of £3 to James Weston, Charlton, 65 years old, worked 45, recommended by Mr Cartwright.  Second prize of £2 to William Bell, Wick, 82 years old, worked 45, recommended by Mr C Hudson.  Third prize of £1 to William Smith, Bretforton, 66 years old, worked 43, recommended by Mr J Ashwin …..

Given by the Rev John Marshall, to female domestic servants above 20 years of age, who have lived the longest period on the same premises, or with the same master or mistress, at yearly wages of not more than £12, and shall receive a good character.  Frist prize of £3 to Ann Harrod, Hampton, 42 years old, service 14¼, recommended by Mr B Workman.  Second prize of £2 to Mary Askew, Comberton, 40 years old, cook for 9 years, recommended by Mr F Woodward.  Third prize of £1 to Celia Sheppard, Evesham, 48 years old, service 8, recommended by Mr O Cheek.

To female domestic servants, as above, under 20 years of age.  First prize of £2 to Mary Ann Shepherd, Evesham, 15 years of age, service 5, recommended by Mr O Cheek.  Second prize of £1 to Sophy Harris, Badsey, 19 years of age, service 3, recommended by Mr T Byrd.


Sophy Harris was Sophia Harris who had been baptised at Badsey on 27th December 1826, the daughter of Jonathan and Sarah Harris.  Her father had died in 1838.