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Saturday 4 May 1889 – Service of Song at Aldington Baptist Mission

Category Badsey and Aldington
Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


The inhabitants of Aldington were given great pleasure on Tuesday night by receiving a second visit from the Congregational Choir of Broadway, who rendered their service of song, entitled “John Tregenowith, His Mark”, in the Baptist Mission Room.  There was a very good attendance, among whom were Mrs and Miss S Byrd, Mrs Wiggins, Mr & Mrs A Butler, Mrs C Hall, Mr J Hall, Mrs Walker, Mr C Heath, etc.  The Rev W Bagnall read the narrative, and Mr F Morris most ably presided at the harmonium.  Among those who took part in the singing were Mrs Bagnall, Misses Morris, Miss Stanley, Miss Neal, etc.  The piece was very amusing, and was listened to with great attention throughout.  Mr W Field at the close remarked that the services had been conducted admirably, and proposed a vote of thanks to the performers, and also to Mr T Marshall, Mr A Butler and Mr J Poole for lending their vehicles to convey the friends to and from Broadway.  The vote was carried with acclamation.  Mr Bagnall suitably replied, and the meeting closed.