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Saturday 27 July 1889 - Bad water at Badsey

Category Badsey and Aldington
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


The Sanitary Inspector, in his report, stated that the water used for domestic purposes on the premises occupied by Mr Julius Sladden at Badsey was condemned by the first analysis, and he had not taken the town supply.

THE CHAIRMAN:  He will have the other water, I suppose.

The Medical Officer thought a little pressure would be required.

The Chairman said he would order proceedings to be taken unless the work was done.

Mr T Byrd remarked that Mr Sladden was one of the first to get the town water to Badsey.

The Medical Officer said he had seen Mr Sladden about it, and he wished the work to be deferred for some time.  He (Mr Fosbroke), however, thought he had had plenty of time now.

The Chairman thought they should order proceedings to be taken unless the notice to do the work was complied with.

MR T BYRD:  In how long a time?

THE CHAIRMAN:  Within a month.

It was decided to adopt this course.