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Saturday 16 March 1963 – Death of Wilfred George Geden

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The Evesham Journal
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Depressed about his wife’s illness and by the fact that he might not be able to work his market garden because of his own health, a Badsey man placed a plastic bag over his head and gassed himself in the kitchen of his home, the South Worcestershire coroner, Mr H J H Saunders, was told at the Evesham inquest on Saturday.

The inquest was on Mr Wilfred George Geden, aged 76, of 3 Bretforton Road, who was found dead on Thursday afternoon.

His brother-in-law, Mr Percy Francis Styles of 9 Elm Road, Evesham said Mrs Geden had been ill for two or three years.  Mr Geden, who was very attached to her, had been looking after his wife and he became very run down, so the couple had to come to stay with witness at Elm Road.  Mr Geden was very worried about his wife and also about his own health and the fact that he might not be able to cultivate his land again.

On Thursday morning, Mr Terence Brotherton of Green Leys, Badsey, gave Mr Geden a lift in his van from Evesham to Badsey.  On the way, Mr Geden appeared to be depressed about his wife and about his own health.

Later that day, Mr John Jelfs of 37 Horsebridge Avenue, Badsey, was called to the house.  He found Mr Geden flying on the floor with a plastic bag over his head.  The gas was turned on and the doors and windows were closed.

PC Franklin said a flexible gas-pipe from the tap had been placed near Mr Geden’s head.

The coroner returned a verdict that Mr Geden took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.