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Friday 18 January 1957 – Badsey village sign broken in half

Category Badsey and Aldington
Tewkesbury Register & Gazette
Transcription of article


Some person, or group of persons, seem to dislike the name of Badsey.  On at least three occasions, the village name sign on the Evesham side, outside the Horsebridge estate, was broken in half.  This gave the village a “bad” name, as the second syllable was invariably the one to fall.  Then the council decided to move the sign farther down the hill, towards the bridge, sitting it against the hedge and on taller posts.  It seemed most unlikely that any vehicle could hit it there, if it is a vehicle that caused the previous damage.  But it has happened again.  The only difference this time is that the “Bad” part has called, leaving the village with a peculiar, though not so defamatory, name.


A short distance away, the signpost for Aldington has been broken off, and one wonders whether both acts of damage were done at the same time.  The misfortunes of the sign are a problem which has for a long time exercised the mind of Mr S A Hutchinson, the Worcestershire County Council's divisional highways surveyor.

"One thing is certain," he told us on Wednesday, "and that is, I'm not going to put it up again.  It's no good my wasting public money putting that sign up at £5 a time to have it smashed again.  Of course, it would be smashed again, I know.  So, as far as I'm concerned, unless the culprits are found or I get instructions from the county surveyor, it will have to stay broken."


What efforts are being made to trace the culprit or culprits?  Mr Hutchinson says the matter has been in the hands of the police for some time.  But the latest instance of damage to the sign, which apparently occurred last weekend, was the fourth incident - at £5 a time - and Mr Hutchinson think it ought to be the last.

Who is doing the damage?  Some person or persons who are fairly tall, heavy and strong, says Mr Hutchinson - young men of 18-20, perhaps, exuberant after a drink or two.

The signs are made of aluminium, and can be cracked "with a good bump from a stone - or a fist".  They used to be made of cast iron.