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Saturday 3 August 1889 – Charles Hall robbed by a tramp

Category Badsey and Aldington
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


A case of heartless robbery is reported from Badsey.  Mr Charles Hall, market gardener, took compassion on a tramp, whom he employed pea-picking, and extended his benevolent spirit so far as to allow him the liberty of his own house and fare.  So strong was the confidence rested in the man that on Sunday morning Mr Hall and his wife proceeded to the Aldington anniversary, leaving the house in his charge.  He, however, betrayed his trust, for when his host returned he was surprised to find he had vanished.  Little more was thought of the affair, however, till the following morning, when to the alarm of Mr Hall and his wife it was found that the box containing the cash, which had been left unlocked on the previous day, had been opened and relieved to the tune of £20 in coins.  Of course prompt measures were at once taken, but the supposed thief had had a good many hours’ grace, and although the police telegraphed to many of the outlying stations and other places likely to be visited by the runaway, nothing has been heard of him, and the prospect of catching him is very faint indeed.