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Saturday 7 December 1889 – Arthur Hawker making satisfactory progress after gun accident

Category Badsey and Aldington
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


Arthur Hawker, who met with a serious gun accident some months ago, resulting in the loss of his right arm, has made a most satisfactory recovery.  He has now been fitted with an artificial appliance which will enable him to undertake light work, and will to some extent take the place of the lost member.  A subscription was instituted for his benefit, and was most liberally responded to by rich and poor alike, the total sum collected amounting to £17 16s 7d, and of this nearly £10 has been expended in defraying the hospital charges and the cost of the appliances.  It is hoped that an opportunity may shortly arise to employ the balance in securing him some means of earning a permanent living.  The equipment with which the kindness of friends has now provided him will render him able to undertake work which would have been an impossibility without it.