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Wednesday 4 November 1857 – Knight family quarrel

Category Badsey and Aldington
Worcestershire Chronicle
Transcription of article


The magistrates had a wearisome task on this occasion in investigating the disputes and assaults which, on the 15th and 16th ult, occurred between two brothers named Knight and their families, living at Badsey near this borough.  The cases were:

  1. Emma, wife of Samuel Knight v Esther, wife of Thomas Knight.
  2. Emma v Esther (again).
  3. Esther v Emma.
  4. Emma v Thomas.
  5. Esther v Samuel.
  6. Thomas v Samuel.
  7. Esther v Henry Barnett.
  8. George Homans v Charles Crisp.

It would be tedious to detail the particulars of these quarrels; some of the assaults were of such a trivial nature that the recommendation of the Bench of settling them without calling for an adjudication was acted upon.  Ultimately, after a very patient hearing, the magistrates consulted and fined the several defendants thus:

  • No 1, 10s and 14s costs;
  • No 4, 5s and 8s 6d costs.
  • No 5, 5s and 9s 6d costs

And dismissed all the others, ordering the parties to pay their own costs.  Mr Eades appeared for Thomas and wife, and Mr Elgie of Worcester for Samuel and wife.

A further article appeared in The Worcester Journal of Saturday 7 November 1857:


Esther Knight was charged with assaulting Emma Knight on 15th of September at Badsey and also with assaulting Emma Knight on the 16th of September, Emma Knight assaulting Esther Knight on the same day, Thomas Knight assaulting Emma Knight, Samuel Knight assaulting Esther Knight, Samuel Knight assaulting Thomas Knight, Henry Barnard assaulting Esther Knight, and Charles Crisp assaulting George Homans, all on the 16th ult.  These assaults arose from a family dissension between Samuel and Thomas Knight (brothers) and their wives.  Esther and Thomas Knight were convicted of assaulting Emma and fined – the former 10s and 14s 6d costs, and the latter 5s and 8s 6d costs.  Samuel convicted of assaulting Esther, fined 5s and 9s 6d costs.  The other cases were dismissed.  Mr Elgie appeared for Samuel Knight and Mr Eades for Thomas Knight etc.