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Saturday 15 April 1905 – The Horsman sisters’ garden at Aldington Lodge

Category Badsey and Aldington
Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article

In the “Lady’s Pictorial” this week appears an article with illustrations, giving an account of what is being done by a Worcestershire lady in the pursuit of horticulture.  “Miss Marion Horsman, with her sister and a friend,” says the writer, “live at a charming spot known as Aldington Lodge, about a mile and a half out of Evesham, and in the very heart of the finest gardening land in England.  Anyone paying a visit to Miss Horsman would be sceptical that she and her friend, Miss East, could carry out all the work that there is to be done.  So it is, nevertheless, and few gentlemen’s gardens with a big staff or workmen look so well and produce so much as that at Aldington.  If a visitor were to call early in the morning at certain times of the years, he might be surprised to find Miss Horsman and Miss East attired in short skirts and business-like boots, digging and manuring the ground ready for the next crop.  But is of the flowers we would speak most.  A large quantity of the flowers are devoted to charitable purposes; they are sent to market, and the proceeds are forwarded to various charitable institutions.  Miss Sarah Horsman is not able to take an active part in the hard work of the garden, but her knowledge and love of flowers are invaluable to her sister.  Despite all the work of an establishment like this, these busy ladies find plenty of time for reasonable recreation and for assisting to brighten the lives of their neighbours.”