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Friday 14 April 1950 – Death and Funeral of Margaret Ann McDonald, aged 76

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Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
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SHE TAUGHT MOST OF BADSEY – Death of Miss M A McDonald  

Through the death of Miss Margaret Ann McDonald, aged 76, of Mostyn Villa, Badsey, which took place in the early hours of Good Friday morning, Badsey has lost one of its best-loved inhabitants.

Eldest daughter of the late Mr & Mrs J H McDonald of School House, Badsey, she came to Badsey when her father took over the post of headmaster to Badsey Connell School In 1895. She was assistant mistress at Badsey School from 1895-1913 and then served as chief assistant mistress at Badsey from 1913 with her retirement in 1939. While the headmaster, Mr Amos, served through the 1914-1918 Great War, Miss McDonald was in charge of the school.

The majority of Badsey people have been taught by her and will always remember her for her understanding, patience and fairness, which brought her excellent results, and when she retired in 1939 the country lost one of its very best teachers.  Exceptionally keen on music, she took charge of the musical festivals held at the school, for which she obtained outstanding results and marvellous reports.  She lived mainly for her school life, although she found time to become a member of the local Women’s Institute and partake in folk dancing.  Her unfailing popularity was fully testified at the funeral held at St James’ Church, Badsey, on Tuesday afternoon when the church was full with sympathisers.   

The Vicar (Rev W B Chapman) conducted the service which was fully choral, with Mrs G W Marshall as organist. The hymns "God that mutest earth and heaven" and “For all the Saints who from their labours rest" were sung, in addition to the Nunc Dimitus, while the psalm The Lord is my Shepherd" was recited. Following the service in church, the interment took place in St James' Churchyard. 

The family mourners were: Mr & Mrs F E Amos (brother-in-law and sister); Mr & Mrs Douglas McDonald (brother and sister-in-law) and Messrs. John McDonald and Arthur McDonald (nephews). Miss M Amos was unable to attend. Among the large congregation were Mr C A Binyon and Mr J E Knight (Badsey School Managers), Nurse Holbrooke, Mr F H Larkin (Blackminster Senior Modem School). Mr M H Harvey (headmaster, Badsey Primary School) and Mrs Harvey, Mr J A Tate (Prince Henry's Grammar School, Evesham), Mr G Savory. Miss I Cleveley. Mrs K Cleaver, Miss A Holbrooke, Mr W Hardiman. Miss Croggan, Mrs H S Dungworth, Mrs T Brotherton, Mrs E E Mustoe, Mrs A Langstone, Mrs G Crane. Mrs R Harker, Mrs g Allard. Mr & Mrs W D Sparrow. Mrs E Pethard, Mrs W Ballard, Mrs E Bonehill, Mr & Mrs Eric Jelfs, Mrs K Dodd. Mrs W T Collett. Mrs P Marshall, Mrs W H Reed, Mrs A Reed, Mrs Turrill, Mrs March, Mrs G Collett, Mrs W D Jelfs, Mrs C Haines, Mrs R Sparrow, Mr & Mrs F Dore, Mrs W Harwood. Miss E Hartwell. Mrs R Hartwell, Miss H Agg, Mrs J Cole, Mrs R Bell, Mrs W Sears, Mrs Edwards, Mrs A G Crisp, Mrs N Cook. Mrs W Stewart, Miss P Hutchings. Mrs C Baker, Mrs G Brookes. Mrs L Moran, Miss V Sadler, Mrs B Freeman, Mrs W Tomkins, Mrs E Taylor. Mr & Mrs L Jones, Miss Ella Jones, Miss R Jones, Mrs F Cleaver, Mr & Mrs G A Jones, Miss Edith Jones, Mr F E Jones, Mr G Jones, Mrs P Hall, Miss N Hall, Miss Crisp. Mr H W Crisp. Mrs Morris, Mrs C Stewart, Mrs F Haines. Mrs E A Olsson, Mrs L Shelley, Mr and Mrs M Jennings, Mrs A C Keen, Mrs W B.Chapman, Mrs F Corbett. Mrs W Andrew, Mrs J Warren, Mr & Mrs Peet, Miss E N Sladden, Messrs H W King, D A Jelfs, R Churchill, W Churchill, B Jennings,. D Edwards, E G Hall and T H Knight.