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Saturday 1 July 1939 – Death of John Byrd, aged 73

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Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article

Death of Mr John Byrd

One of the oldest tradesmen in the town, Mr John Byrd, of Ivy House, Aldington, Evesham, died on Monday night.

Mr Byrd, who was 73 years of age, was a member of an Evesham family who have carried on a butcher’[ss business in the town for 100 years.  Mr Byrd’s father, Mr Cornelius Byrd, occupied premises in High Street, where Messrs Collins Bros shop now stands.  On his death, the business was carried on in the style of Byrd & Sons, a partnership which was dissolved in 1910.

Mr John Byrd then set up business on his own in High Street and four years later moved to the present premises.

He retired five years ago, and went to live at Aldington.  The business is now carried on by one of his sons, Mr H J Byrd.  Mr Byrd was also market gardener and farmer in the district, holding nearly 400 acres of land at Broadway, Littleton, Harvington and Evesham.  Mr Byrd gave up this interest a few years back.

He leaves two sons and three daughters, his wife having died in 1915.

The funeral took place on Wednesday.  A funeral service at St James’ Church, Badsey, preceded the interment in Evesham Cemetery.  Canon W C Allsebrook (Vicar of Badsey and Rural Dean of Evesham) officiated at both services.

The bearers were Messrs A Bell, A Marshall, G Crisp and W Jelfs (former employees of Mr Byrd and now employees of Mr Byrd’s son, Mr H J Byrd), W Enstone and R Bell (friends).

The family mourners were Mr & Mrs S J Byrd (son and daughter-in-law), Mr & Mrs H J Byrd (son and daughter-in-law), Mr & Mrs H H Ross (son-in-law and daughter), Mr Charles Byrd (brother), Mrs A Byrd (sister-in-law), Mr & Mrs C Hughes (brother and sister-in-law), Miss Goode (aunt), Mr J Ross, Mr J Byrd and Mr M Byrd (grandsons), Miss P Byrd and Miss E McCready (granddaughters), Mr L Byrd and Mr C Byrd (nephews).

Others present included Mr A J Bearcroft and Mr H Bearcroft (employees at Mr Byrd’s Aldington farm), Mr L C Cox, Mrs Harold Idiens (representing Mr Harold Idiens), Mr J Reeves (Aldington), Mr F Grove, Mr G Moisey, Mr W Dee (Broadway), Mr J Sharp, Mr E Bell, Mr R J Byrd, Mr R Stanley (Campden), Mr A C Handy, Mr F Barnard, Mr H W Smith (Offenham), Mr F Wood, Mr E Carter, Mr R Fletcher, Mr R C Smith, Mr G Brearley, Mrs Victor Wasley and Miss Grimmitt.