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Saturday 7 December 1946 – Offenham Cannot Afford to Lose Blackminster

Category Transfer of Blackminster from Offenham to Badsey
Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article

£1,066 AND ALL THAT – Offenham Cannot Afford to Lose Blackminster

That the transfer of the district of Blackminster from the parish of Offenham to the parish of Badsey would mean the former village sustaining a big drop in rateable value was disclosed at a meeting of Offenham Parish Council on Thursday evening last week when the matter was further considered.

The discussion arose when the Clerk (Mr S Dolloway) read a letter from the Clerk to the Evesham Rural District Council pointing out that at some future date the Boundary Commission would be considering any desirable alterations to county, district and parish boundaries and asking parish councils to give their views.

Asked by the Chairman (Mr T E Trenfield) if the attitude of the people at Blackminster remained the same, Mr S F Bunting replied that it was and that a petition which would be sent to the County Council requesting the transfer of Blackminster to Badsey, was going round for signatures.

After the Chairman had observed that the Parish Council would be obliged to oppose Blackminster’s action, Mr J Heber Smith said he had obtained information as to the financial effect such a transfer would have on the Offenham rate.

The rateable value of the property on the South Littleton side of the railway line totalled £434; on the Badsey side it was £221 while the assessments which would require division such as water mains, railway station etc amounted to £361 giving a total of £1,066.  As the total rateable value of Offenham was £3,439, it meant that the transfer of Blackminster would result in the village losing approximately one third of its rateable value.  At present the product of a penny rate in Offenham was £14; without Blackminster it would be reduced to about £10 10s.


Mr R Carless:  “I think the parish as a whole will object.”

Referring to the conclusions published in the Payne Plan that industries should be encouraged in the Blackminster area the Chairman suggested that was another very good reason why Offenham should not lose Blackminster.

Mr E A Stephens suggested that if any boundary changes were made, consideration should be given to incorporating in Offenham that part of Littleton adjoining Newtown and part of Aldington including The Parks.

Mr E A Cruttenden remarked that in view of the importance of the matter the whole of the residents of Offenham should be given an opportunity of expressing their views on the issue.  He proposed that a special parish meeting be called and this was seconded by Mr L V W Smith and carried.

It was agreed that the meeting should be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday January 22.