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Saturday 11 January 1947 – Blackminster residents petition to transfer to Badsey

Category Transfer of Blackminster from Offenham to Badsey
Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article

BLACKMINSTER PETITION – Request for Transfer to Badsey

The residents of Blackminster are asking the Worcestershire County Council to authorise the transfer of their administration from the parish of Offenham (in which they are at present situated) to the parish of Badsey.

For some weeks a petition has been in course of active preparation and on Wednesday a “Standard” reporter was officially informed that the petition has this week been despatched to the County Council.

It is understood that the petition was signed by 60 local government electors living at Blackminster and that only one elector failed to sign.

While the working of the petition has not been made public, it is believed that the chief reason given for the requested changed is the incompatibility of interests between Offenham and Blackminster.

At a recent meeting Badsey Parish Council decided to support Blackminster’s application but Offenham Parish Council is likely strongly to oppose any change in the administration of the district mainly on the grounds that the transfer of Blackminster would reduce the rateable value of Offenham by about one third.

A parish meeting is to be called to consider the matter at Offenham on January 22.